Synthetic Paper

  Save trees, save earth, help save the environment for our kids. When more and more people care about eco-friendly products, why not make a change in the material used for daily printing and packaging. There is a better choice, think about it!
What is Synthetic PP Paper??   
  Although there is no precise definition of synthetic paper, it is generally understood to be a product manufactured using synthetic resin derived from petroleum as its primary material, which while maintaining the characteristics of the material, offers several qualities similar to that of paper made primarily from wood pulp, most typically its white and opaque appearance as well as its printing and processing capabilities.

  Synthetic paper possesses excellent features it's water resistant, tear resistant, durable, smooth surface for excellent printability, high print resolution, good ink-dried ability. Its folding, embossing, punching, applications. Currently used in more than 60 applications. We have available in various grades, thickness, density for extensive applications.

2. Stone Paper👈
stone paper is eco friendly materials

What is Stone Paper??   
  The primary ingredient in the stone paper is Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3), so the stone paper which is mixed with a non-toxic and recyclable binding agent HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). It is an environmentally friendly paper as making technology will not pollute air and water. No chlorine or acids are resulting stone paper is completely non-toxic and is even food safe.
  Stone Paper has superior printing values and is available in most sizes and weights of traditional, wood fiber papers.

  Strong and tear resistant 
- perfectly match for books, carry bags. 

  Won't crack or while lining on folds 
- suitable for maps and brochures. 

- great for maps, outdoor displays, golf score cards, envelopes, pads, etc. 

  Freezer Grade 
- Durable under low temperatures 
- excellent for freezer food packing. 

  Food grade 
- food storage and packing. (FDA approved)

Under green earth concept, raise of eco-awareness, and develop environmental pollution have become an international goal.
We care about it!!
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